Starting From Seeding


We have adopted the plasma farming system since it’s Establishment in 2015

The plasma farming system aims to achieve a sustainable production process through collaborations between PT Wahana Inti Makmur,Tbk and local famers. Plasma farmers play a big role in providing assistance in the form of workers to prepare the land. Meanwhile PT Wahana Inti Maksmur,Tbk provides support in the form of financial technical assistance and intensive coaching.

With the support of the company and also government relations, local farmers can manage agriculture in a sustainable and productive way in order to produce superior rice seeds, increase their business scale and their welfare

Planting Quality Seeds


We ensure that only the highest quality seeds are planted to create the best yields consistently

The Harvest Selection Process


To ensure the best quality of rice,  PT Wahana Inti Makmur,Tbk  always conducts strict selection of each harvest.

This is a form of our commitment to provide the best results to maintain the trust and satisfaction of every customer

Milling With Modern Technology


The harvest is processed into quality rice by using modern technology and rice processing techniques that have been perfected in order to obtain a good quality sense of aroma and texture.
The entire production process is supervised by professionals to maintain the product quality and satisfaction of all our business partners, ranging from industrial consumers, restaurants, catering institutions, suppliers to market retailers.